Enjoy uncapped health and deploy-able shields for intense action. “Perfect Plan” is a first-person shooter combining shoot ’em up and platforming. Take on a solo robot’s mission to rob a bank and defeat Multiple crazy hard bosses while unlocking a variety of guns, special items and shield upgrades.


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Uncapped Health: Perfect Plan introduces an innovative health system that allows players to loot health as they progress, offering a dynamic and strategic approach to survival.

Launchable Shield: Players can deploy a protective shield, adding tactical depth and defense against enemy fire in the heat of battle.

Shoot ‘Em Up: The game is an action-packed first-person shooter, with intense firefights and a focus on precision shooting and strategic combat.

Auto-Aim: Perfect Plan features a well-tuned auto-aim system, making FPS gameplay smooth and enjoyable when using a controller, enhancing accessibility and immersion for all players.

Ladder Climbing: The ability to jump from ladder to ladder adds verticality to the gameplay, enabling agile movement and strategic positioning.



Meet Amirul, the one-man force behind Digital Upthrust, an indie game studio based in Johor, Malaysia. Our latest creation, “Perfect Plan,” showcases our passion for immersive gaming. Get ready for our upcoming project, an open-world FPS adventure. Beyond game development, we offer top-notch level design and art services. Join us in shaping interactive experiences that go beyond boundaries.


Hello, my name is Amirulradzi, but you can call me Amirul. I am the creator of Perfect Plan. I have always aspired to make games for a living, with a particular passion for first-person shooters and side-scrolling adventures. Please take a moment to explore my portfolio. I am eager to contribute to your team, whether it’s in the indie or triple-A game development space.