Perfect Plan is a First-person shooter action-adventure game. In Perfect Plan, you will run the most dangerous job in the city, a bank heist. The most secured bank in the city has challenged every mercenary in the city to try and rob the bank. In this game, you can add your health to an infinite amount but when you die, it’s game over. In Perfect Plan, there will be lots of dangerous levels and boss levels that have lots of enemies to be shot! Besides dangerous enemies that roam around, there will be lots of obstacles and platforms. A big remake of the game is coming this year. If you want to try that game, hold on first because the remake will make the game beyond recognizable. 


Malaysian Based Indie Game Studio Created by Amirulradzi.

  • Digital Upthrust is an indie game studio based in Malaysia. It’s run by a solo game dev, Amirulradzi. He has been making games since he was 16 years old. Born in 1998, he dreamt of becoming an entertainer. He chose video games as a platform for him to share stories and entertain others. He hopes to be able to make a living by making video games and entertain others.

  • Amirulradzi founded Digital Upthrust in January 2016 and released his first game in March 2017 while still learning how to create video games on his own through the internet. He released Perfect Plan to study the process of making and selling an indie game. 

  •  During the time of 2016 till 2021 Amirurladzi has been learning and working on a new game project and also recreating Perfect Plan hoping to rerelease it in  2021.

  • In 2021 Amirulradzi plans to release two games through Digital Upthrust, an untitled side scroller game, and a remake of Perfect Plan. The untitled side scroller game will be self-published and Perfect Plan will have an update since it has already been released on Steam.